Wine Selection

Cellar 58 offers over 150 bottles of wine from all over the world-including under-the-radar regions often unseen on wine lists. Below is a small sampling of wines offered by the glass that changes frequently...


  • Barco reale Di Carmigiano, 2009, Tuscany, ITALY11
  • Chianti Classico, Leone D'Oro, DOCG 2010, Tuscany, ITALY10
  • Lambrusco, "Rossissimo", 2010, Emilia, Romagna, ITALY9
  • Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, 2009, Rocca de Bottari, Abruzzo, ITALY10
  • Negroamaro Salento "Megale", 2008, Santa Croce, Puglia, ITALY10
  • Cabernet Sauv, Los Clop, 2010, Mendoza, ARGENTINA9
  • Syrah, Red Rooster, 2009, Trakia, BULGARIA9
  • Cabernet Sauv, San Nicolas, 2009, Currico Valley, CHILE10
  • Pinot Nero, Rocca, 2005, Sicily, ITALY11
  • Sangiovese, 2008, Monte Fiore, Tuscany, ITALY11
  • Merlot, Chateau de Monbadon, 2005, Bordeaux, FRANCE15
  • Refosk 100% Organic, Santomas, Glavina, 2009, SLOVENIA12
  • Nebbiolo D'Alba, Fratelli Bettini, 2009, Piedmonte, ITALY14
  • Tempranillo, Crianza, 2007, Azagador, La Mancha, SPAIN14


  • Chateau de Campuget, 2008, Rhone Valley, FRANCE10

Taste of three red or white
wines (only at the bar)

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